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Zigong Weikang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 60 million RMB, is located in Rong County Economic Development Zone, Zigong, Sichuan Province, China, and has a second factory in Baoshan, Shanghai.

Currently, we have a production area of 10000 square meters, 21 butterfly mask production lines, and a complete set of testing equipment for raw materials and finished masks.

At present, we have 600 employees and a daily production capacity of 1 million butterfly masks. The main products are kN95 series that meet the GB standard and FFP2 NR products that meet the CE standard.

At present, we have obtained the FFP2 NR certification of CE, and has successfully entered the white list of non-medical mask export company of the Ministry of Commerce.


We have a complete set of respirator testing equipment, cleaning testing laboratory, including two sets of respirator particle filter detector, one set of comprehensive test room for respirator leakage rate test, one set of respirator respiratory resistance tester, one set of respirator dead cavity tester, one set of respirator flame-retardant performance tester, one set of special tensile tester, in accordance with different testing standards, two shifts take turns each batch every day The mask shall be tested comprehensively. Raw materials shall also be inspected according to each batch of arrival, and the core material meltdown fabric shall be tested for each small roll, and samples shall be reserved for recheck. The production inspection shall be carried out 24 hours by specially assigned person.


We are equipped with a special warehouse for raw materials and finished products, which are respectively 400 square meters of meltdown frbric and non-woven fabric warehouse, which can store about 15 tons of product raw materials. Different batches of products are stored according to the date and main parameters, with constant temperature conditions, 600 square meters of finished products warehouse, which can store about 4 million masks at most, and regularly carry out spot check and re inspection for reserved samples and products in stock. 

Cooperate with efficient DHL, UPS and other logistics to make the global transportation smoothly.


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