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Enterprises send "love" to donate masks for epidemic prevention


The picture shows that in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control at the donation site, masks become a necessity for every family member to go out, and are also one of the most scarce materials for the front-line staff of epidemic prevention and control. On March 12, Zigong Weikang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. donated protective masks with a total value of more than 20000 yuan to our county to help prevent and control the epidemic.


It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the main reason for the Zigong County medical care company. Since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the head of the Rongxian County medical care company has been very concerned about the epidemic prevention and control situation in our county. As a local mask factory, the factory has been working overtime to complete the mask production line. After the early efforts, the first batch of masks were donated to the front-line anti epidemic workers, which demonstrated the social responsibility of the enterprise and the great love of entrepreneurs with practical actions.


"It's everyone's responsibility to prevent and control the epidemic. At the critical moment of fighting against the epidemic, as a local enterprise, it's a social responsibility to donate the mask of love. I hope that I can make a contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic. I also call on more people of love to join the ranks of public welfare in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Through the joint efforts of the whole family, I will win the battle as soon as possible." Luo Yuanlin, head of the company, said.

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